Leading Scientists Urge May To Pressure Trump Over Climate Change

Leading scientists have asked the prime minister to urge president-elect Donald Trump to acknowledge the risks of climate change and declare his support for international efforts to combat global warming.

One hundred researchers, including many of the most prominent climate scientists in Britain, have written to Theresa May to warn her of the potential threats posed by Donald Trump, who has made clear he does not accept the scientific consensus on warming driven by human activities.

The letter warns that Trump’s administration may severely weaken climate change research and the collection of data acheter cialis such as Earth temperature records, which are used by scientists and policymakers in the UK and around the world.

If the world class climate science now performed in the US is wound down under Trump, the UK must be ready to respond decisively, the letter states.

One response would be to rapidly expand British climate science by offering jobs to disaffected US researchers.



Trump has called global warming a hoax and may scrap Nasa’s climate research program.

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January 16th, 2017

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